Welcome to TQ's Nails

We are specialist in servicing your nails for a very elegant look and best relaxing experience. Our licensed manicurist staff offers a variety of services for your nail care need. Manicure and pedicure, Acrylics fills, Silks, Pink and White set to an ingenious combination of Spa Pedicure.

Pure heaven for your feet, you are relaxing in a whirlpool foot bath, with heated massage chair and it provides a semi-rolling, vibration back massage while your feet soaking in an effervescent bubble, cleansing tub.

When you come to see us, we will be sure that your nail looks pretty, last strong, and are very comfortable. While you are there, it seems like the stressful day drifts away, and the end of hour from TQ's Nails you emerge refreshed, looking as glamorous as you are, and feeling great.